Four Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Technology Investment

When it comes to brand new technology or software, allot of us don’t have the patience to read the user manuals or take advantage of the help menu when we come across something unfamiliar. It is said that 90 percent of all help features that come with computers go unused. Much of this is due to a lack of training or knowledge for those who are using the technology. It is sometimes just easier to go with what we know instead of taking the time to learn new things.

Rather than letting your abundance of business technology information go to waste, take advantage of these pointers that will help you use technology in your San Francisco Bay Area business.

1. Put the client in the communication driver’s seat. By saying this, I mean use technology to improve the quality of customer service in your business. Encourage communication with your clients by using discussion forums, blogs, or even instant messaging. As simple as it sounds, this communication can help improve communication and build customer retention.

2. Learn to create a business of continuous improvement and culture. Perhaps the most unique aspect of technology as that it is always changing. Just when you think the newest technology can’t be beat, something even more amazing comes into play. The use of this always changing technology can make your office environment more efficient and productive. Make an effort to stay on top of the newest things.

3. Use training opportunities to your advantage. Think about bringing in experts to train staff on new materials rather than sending staff to trainings or conducting them yourself. Try to bring in experts on a regular basis. Not only will this save you time and money, it can help break up the monotony of an office routine. Take advantage of virtual trainings as well. The good thing about virtual trainings is they can be conducted at anytime.

4. Send out an internal newsletter. A weekly newsletter sent out to staff members will not only help keep everyone informed, but will give everyone something to look forward to. A newsletter can include anything from new technology information, tips, and things that you have learned from seminars and training. It wouldn’t hurt to add a funny cartoon, trivia, or even a crossword puzzle to help add some fun to it. Trivia and crosswords can be IT related and will help keep staff on their toes.